How to Ease Back Into Social Contact

This Psychology Today article is called “How to Ease Back Into Social Contact” and we think it may be helpful for, well, all of us. Most of our interaction this past year has been over zoom, and aside from the occasional bubble, we’ve all had very little contact with other people.

Some key takeaways and tips include:

  1. “Addressing the awkwardness.” People respond well to the authenticity, and if you address the elephant in the room, chances are the people around you were feeling the same thing and will appreciate your candor.
  2. “Go at your own pace.” This is a good tidbit for any type of social anxiety, but it’s a also a good reminder that you don’t have to attend every work function or office get together.
  3. “Visualizing a positive interaction.” When it comes to socializing, what you bring to the table can have a big influence on how something turns out. Even something as simple as picturing yourself talking to someone with ease can yield good results.