Group Therapy involves a group of people coming together with a trained therapist to work on particular skills and to receive additional support from others in similar circumstances. In each case, the participants are all required to keep discussions and conversations confidential. Group members may be grouped together based on shared diagnoses, shared difficulties or shared life stages.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

Many clients are surprised to find how rewarding and supportive the experience of group therapy can be. The many benefits of group therapy include gaining perspective, learning targeted strategies, peer support and often lower cost and time commitment.

Diversity is another benefit of group therapy. Uniting with individuals with unique experiences and perspectives helps people to look at their own issues from multiple angles. In addition, members of group therapy also appreciate the sense of support provided by sharing thoughts and feelings with others who have similar concerns. The recognition that we are not alone can be powerfully comforting and healing.

PPG is pleased to offer group therapy options on a rolling basis according to the needs of our clientele. Whether for existing clients who wish to enhance their therapeutic treatment plan or for new clients seeking support for a particular diagnosis or those in need of support during a particularly challenging time, joining a group can help in all kinds of ways. If you are interested in any of the group options listed below, please click on the links to inquire further.