Here at Pleasantville Psychology Group, we bring to clients a compassionate and focused dedication, a sense of humor, and an abiding belief, through experience, that change and growth are possible.

Welcome Statement

Pleasantville Psychology Group is a comprehensive mental health practice in Westchester County that provides psychotherapy and neuropsychological testing services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  Our highly qualified, compassionate clinicians deliver customized services to promote healthy development and wellbeing at home, school, work and in your community.

Does Your Child or Adolescent:

  • Need skills for more adaptively coping with worries, fears and anxieties?
  • Experience frequent conflict with peers?
  • Seem depressed, withdrawn or less engaged than usual?
  • Suffer from shyness or difficulty making friends?
  • Feel challenged by transitions or changes in routine?
  • Act impulsively in ways that cause problems?
  • Struggle with sensory processing issues?
  • Perform poorly at school or have difficulty paying attention?
  • Have difficulty managing relationships on social media?
  • Feel bullied or threatened by peers?
  • Feel lost with questions related to identity?
  • Suffer from low self esteem and/or self doubt?

Child/Adolescent Therapy

As a Parent, Do You:

  • Struggle to set effective limits with your child?
  • Feel like you’re always shouting and getting nowhere?
  • Feel overwhelmed and exhausted in your efforts to balance work/family life?
  • Wish you could better understand your child?
  • Experience conflict with your spouse around parenting choices?
  • Find your marriage is suffering as a result of the stress of parenthood?
  • Feel like your household is running out of control?

Parent-Focused Therapy

Family Therapy

As an Adult, Do You:

  • Have trouble managing stress?
  • Feel depressed, sad, irritable, withdrawn or exhausted?
  • Experience excessive worries or anxieties?
  • Feel haunted by past traumatic experience?
  • Struggle to recover from a recent breakup, separation or divorce?
  • Feel unmotivated and lethargic?
  • Have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?
  • Feel bothered by unwanted thoughts?
  • Ruminate over conversations that you feel went poorly?
  • Experience confusion or difficulty around questions of identity?
  • Struggle to cope with recent changes or losses?
  • Feel like you got “off track” somewhere and can’t seem to find your way?

Adult Therapy

As a Couple, Do You:

  • Have communication difficulties with your spouse/partner?
  • Wonder if your marriage is “falling apart”?
  • Have arguments that seem to go round in circles?
  • Feel like you’re talking but not getting anywhere?
  • Have difficulty with trust?
  • Feel insecure in your relationship?
  • Disagree about parenting choices?
  • Wish you could be more “on the same page”?
  • Feel unsupported or criticized?
  • Find that all your conversations seem to end in yelling?
  • Want to function more as a team?

Couples Therapy