From time to time, the demands of parenting can become overwhelming and frustrating.  Because parents play such a key role in their children’s healthy development, we are pleased to offer parents assistance in developing the tools they need to successfully navigate the challenges that can arise in any phase of development.  One of the particular challenges of parenthood lies in trying to figure out what is “going on” for your child.  In infancy and early toddlerhood, interpreting the demands of a pre-verbal child can prove overwhelming for the sleep-deprived and/or new parent!  In the preschool years, even the most skilled of parents can be flummoxed by the irrational or seemingly counter-productive behaviors of their children.  Likewise in adolescence, balancing limit setting with the adolescent’s new found need for freedom and independence brings with it a new opportunity for family conflict.  The psychologists at PPG are specially trained to help “decode” these mystifying childhood behaviors and help parents to arrive at a better understanding of what their child needs and how they can become a more effective part of the solution.  Parent-focused therapy provides support for one of the hardest jobs an adult can face.  The focus of parent-focused sessions can include problem solving, strategy development, family conflict resolution and developmental education aimed at better understanding and responding to child behavior.  We work closely with parents to help develop a treatment plan tailored to best address your particular family’s needs.

Common parenting treatment goals may include:

  • Managing Parenting Stress
  • Enhancing parental communication and co-parenting skills
  • Education around age-appropriate behaviors and milestones
  • Developing techniques for handling difficult behaviors
  • Finding ways to enlist your child’s cooperation and listening skills
  • Helping you better understand your child’s moods and behaviors
  • Behavior plan development and implementation 
  • Assistance in meeting your family’s needs during challenging transitions such as divorce, relocation, family expansion or loss of a loved one

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