“Talking Tweens” Presentation

The “tweenage” years (ranging from 8 to 12) can be an awkward and challenging time for your tween as they navigate growing independence along with physical, emotional and social changes. And from the parental perspective, it can be rewarding but also challenging and more than a little frustrating. Is my child a little or big kid, a little bit of both or 12 going on 30?! What do they need from me? How do I best support my child while staying sane?!

This talk will lay out the developmental theories of what is going on in this period and will also address the biological and social factors driving some of these changes. The latter half of the talk will be Q&A as we hear from you the particular challenges that you might be facing with your “tweenager.” We will also touch on the impact of COVID and confinement on this age group and explore strategies for best supporting your child during the pandemic.

Join us for this live webinar sponsored by Northern Westchester Hospital Center for Healthy Living on June 24th, 2020. Information and Registration here.